Volunteering at Spark has changed me…

Photo of Ann, a Spark volunteer

I met Becki socially on a night out summer 2021, I told her I was leaving work and I would like to give some time to a charity which is when she told me all about Spark.  Right time right place you could say.

Volunteering at Sparks has changed me.  I found everything very different to what I am used to, my background is admin so making toasted sandwiches and serving cake totally took me out of my comfort zone.

I have met with incredible people and have learnt a lot about myself and others.  Sparks gives us a purpose and everyone a safe place to be.

Sparks is not a café it is a community space and learning that the refreshments are not as important as making sure visitors feel welcome, comfortable and leave feeling that they have enjoyed the Spark experience – for some it is the only social activity they have in their lives, and I feel proud that I am part of it.

I can honestly say I enjoy volunteering on a Wednesday. We are a great team and Becki is the glue that holds us together, she listens and is open to our views and is always diplomatic.

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