Spark update -October 2023

Spark update October 2023 - cover photo

A HUGE thank you to everyone who visited us in October, we never underestimate just how hard it can be to walk through our doors and we appreciate everyone who made it to Spark. If you didn’t please know we will be here when you are.

Our Cup of Kindness Cafe continues to be busy and we are so thankful of our team for serving so many hot drinks, toasties and cakes to our community. We are proud to be a pay what you can afford space and we never want finances to get in the way of people accessing a warm drink or snack when they need it. We really appreciate those that remember this vital bit about Spark because every single donation counts.

We’re really trying to offer more wellbeing and creative sessions to our community and have very much appreciated the extra community sessions that Jane from Community Spotlight has brought to Spark each week. We really want to be a charity that connects other community groups and offers up new experiences for anyone who visits and we are proud to see it happening.


Spark update October 2023 - 338 cakes
Spark update October 2023 - 628 toasties served
Spark update October 2023 - 991 drinks served
Spark update October 2023 - 8 wellbeing sessions
Spark update October 2023 - 14 creative sessions
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