Would you like to be a SPARK Community Space Ambassador?

All you need to do is to donate £50 a month to support us. Help people spark back into life! You can display our Spark logo on your website and promotional and social media. See more details below or contact us at

Some of our Ambassadors

These amazing Companies below have joined our SPARK Ambassador programme. Let our ambassadors introduce themselves and tell you why they are happy to promote our Spark Community Space charity.

Dwell designs limited logo.
Dwell Design Limited
SLR marine recruit logo.
SLR Marine Recruit
first computer services logo
1st Computer Services
king orange design logo
King Orange Design
ROK Marsh logo
ROK Marsh
Zinq IT logo
Zinq IT
utility mot logo
Utility MOT
home instead portsmouth logo
Home Instead Portsmouth
Bespoke Business Training logo
Bespoke Business Training
Councillor Chris Atwell
Councillor Chris Atwell
Derek Robertson Computer Design
Derek Robertson Computer Design
Fedeation of Small Business logo
FSB - Emma Weatherstone
The Diverse Cleaning Company South Ltd
The Diverse Cleaning Company South Ltd
Sandie Doyle Hypnotherapy logo
Sandie Doyle Hypnotherapy

Become a Spark Ambassador

Spark Community exists to serve!

Its primary function is to provide opportunity to those that might not ordinarily be able to take advantage of what might be available elsewhere. This is achieved in the first instance through the Spark Café. A pay what you can café, where all are welcome irrespective of their ability to pay for refreshments. A place where everyone is treated equally, and each person is as important as anyone else. A place to call “yours”!

The Opportunity

Belonging to a group of likeminded individuals and those that would like to provide support to the wider community that are perhaps a little less fortunate, have little or no other support network and those that may have simply slipped through the cracks of a broken social care system.

How is this achieved?

  • Primarily by contributing to the daily, weekly, and long-term financial stability of the organisation through regular monthly donations. This can be agreed with the founder Becki Simmons.
  • Supporting the community with regular visits and interaction with those in the community at the café.
  • By utilising your influence and wider network of contacts to engage and garner additional support for the community, whether that be through introductions to suppliers or contributors.
  • By being a spokesperson for the community, championing the incredible work already done and the huge amount of work still to be done.
  • Through the regular support of the board that manages and directs the charity bringing to bear your experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Who this might be attractive to?

  • Those that have and continue to benefit from being part of a wider community that is readily accessible to the business fraternity.
  • Those that are financially secure and have a little extra disposable income that they would like to see put to great use, paying back into the local community.
  • Those that for some years have been looking for just the right cause to get behind – what could be better than supporting a community that you have been part of for so many years.

Why should I?

  • A renewed sense of purpose – something that might have been missing for a little while?
  • A sense of contributing – being part of a team to ensure it continues to work for the common goal.
  • A sense of satisfaction – sometimes just being part of something is its own reward.
  • Exposure to a community that you might not even knew existed.
  • An opportunity to provide a little hope and happiness to those less fortunate or those that simply do not have the capacity to enjoy the things you have become accustomed to.
  • To join a growing fraternity of other local businesspeople who see real value in an incredible cause and who simply want to help.

Are you interested in becoming a Spark Ambassador ?

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