Why We Spark!

Our Story

SPARK Community Space is a local charity, working to reach those who have been left out or left behind, to give people a place to belong, to be part of a community of support, to heal together and to spark back into life.

We want to welcome anyone who feels that they have been pushed aside or overlooked by society, perhaps because of long term illness, or redundancy; perhaps because of lack of skills, or qualifications; perhaps because of disability, or race; or whatever reason.

SPARK is a place to belong; a place of welcome and friendship; a place for healing and rebuilding; somewhere for people to rediscover their value and self worth and to ‘spark’ themselves back into life.

We plan to open a community shop where people can come and grow together, gaining skills through volunteering, accessing training in a supportive atmosphere and progressing towards regaining a sense of belonging in society.

Right now we have a temporary space inside Sherlock's Bar, Clarendon Road PO5 2ED, every Tuesday and Wednesday 11-2pm!